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This Is Going To Be Short. so. Let's Do It ! 

The Name Given By Her Lovely Mother is Nur Annisah. Just Nisah okay ? 
The Special Date is on 7th of March 1999 

Friends ? As you know : Maton , Wafa , Dhiya , Atiqah dan banyak lagi 

UPSR Candidate. Pray For Me okay ? 

Study at SK Taman Selasih. Don't Know ? Try The MAP 

If Any request just ask at  or  or the ShoutBox. 

Was Born On the My Birthday. *It's A Girl okay ? 

First Post Is on The same day that she was born. Title SWEET 11 

First Internet Explorer  Then Mozilla Firefox  then GOOGLE CHROME * Sorry, takde icon. -.-

OFFICIALY Hate Copy-Cats. The are banned in this blog. 

Ahkir Sekali. Tolong jangan AMBIK anything dari blog Nisah tanpa pengetahuan or my permission. 
Semua ini adalah HAK Nisah. so. please jangan ya ? 
 For Reading Nisah's Blog. 

Oh, Dan ni jangan lupa letak dalam blog anda ya~~

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